Join our Community Dog Athletic Club with your FLYDOG! We grow every year adding handlers and dogs to our community roster. We foster an environment of friendship, acceptance and learning. New Members stay and play every season!

Club Members Sign In to Team Cowboy for event details and more!

Membership Dues provide you an opportunity to practice every week or as often as you have time for, an opportunity to perform with us publicly and an opportunity to represent the most inclusive club at regional tournaments! Participation in any event is at the discretion of Seattle FlyDogs and is based on event capacity and performance ability.

Dues can be paid Monthly or Annually:
Annual Option is $350 per family and is renewable on September 1 every year, Save $50: go here
Monthly Option is $40/month subscription: go here

Buy shirt, jacket or pay for ONE NIGHT:


Club membership comes with many benefits:

  • Weekly practice – a space to practice dog sports like flyball 10 months/year!
  • Opportunity to meet and run with SuperDogs, giving your dog an opportunity to run with a dog he/she doesn’t know
  • Receive continuous training at practices
  • Opportunity to learn how to teach dog sports like flyball during student lessons
  • Public performances
  • Tournaments
  • Team dinners
  • A chance to meet great people and make new friends
  • Above all a chance to have quality play with your dog


Who can join?
All flyball dogs and humans that pass an evaluation are invited to agree and uphold our mission and values and to Be a FlyDog!
Option 1: Already got a flyball dog? Bring your Flyballing pup on by and check us out!
Option 2: FlyDog Program Graduates who pass the final evaluation are invited to join our club. Start with an evaluation and lessons!

Cost of joining:
We charge an annual participation fee which covers practice rent, training, workshops, tournaments, performances, and learning how to train. All new members are charged for a club jacket and club t-shirt upon joining. Family members are welcome to purchase items as well.

FlyDog flyball Scholarships:
We subsidize scholarships for dogs with exceptional potential and need our financial assistance.

Business structure:
We are a sole proprietorship registered in the State of Washington. Revenue generated by the club through membership fees and public demonstrations is put back into the club: space rent, equipment, tournaments, marketing, legal fees, and special events. We strive to create events for members that have little to no monetary cost.

Competing with your dog: Our club is non-competitive. We are supportive of all healthy dogs who want to play flyball. We do attend tournaments and we enjoy these fun weekends away with each other and our dogs. Our dogs do earn titles and although we are proud of them, competing is not our focus. We take balanced teams to every tournament and strive to bring at least one debut dog with us each time. We focus on a balanced distribution of abilities so that each dog has an opportunity to title and to have fun while trying! We support the organizations NAFA and U-FLI. We encourage handlers with a focus on competing to seek out one of the other wonderful clubs in our region.