Flyball Lessons

We teach all breeds, all speeds, how to play Flyball!


1) Schedule your free evaluation if you aren’t sure your dog is ready.  Or…

2) Join our Classes. They are drop in style each week. Check our Schedule to be sure we are meeting before heading over. We manage our weekly student training program on Sunday evenings with all student levels in one class. All classes are drop-in and sold as a 4-lesson punch card at $80.  Or…

3) Or Join a Workshop! Our next one is TBD. Our workshops are $80. We review basic fitness, some agility and of course Flyball!


How long will it take to be a FlyDog? Some dogs learn faster than others.

Be patient! Stick with it! We teach September through May.

Be a MightyDog – This is your first goal! You and your dog will practice ball retrieval, consistent recall, short-hurdle jumping and be introduced to the box. We award all dogs who have accomplished these skills with the Seattle FlyDogs’ “MightyDog” Certificate. Most dogs accomplish this goal in only 4 lessons!

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Be a HotDog – This is your second goal! You and your dog will continue to practice ball retrieval, consistent recall, short-hurdle jumping over all 8 jumps and learn how to retrieve from/near the box. We award all dogs who have accomplished these skills with the “HotDog” Certificate. Many dogs accomplish this goal in 6-8 total lessons.

DSC_0752 DSC05646 DSC05647

Be a SuperDog – This is your third goal! This is an advanced curriculum which includes box ignition training, full runs training and an introduction to working with other handlers. We award all dogs who have accomplished these skills with the “SuperDog” Certificate and you are invited to practice during FlyDog club practice from 5:30 – 7:00pm.* Some dogs accomplish this goal in 12-20 total lessons.

As a SuperDog your goal is now Graduation to be a “FlyDog” and you may continue in 4-week intervals to receive intensive box training, passing and full-runs training alongside our Seattle FlyDogs club members providing your pooch with real Flyball experience.* Learning to pass other dogs off leash may be the only thing your dog hasn’t mastered yet. Most SuperDogs learn to pass within only a few more lessons.

FlyDog Graduate – Finally the day has arrived! As a Seattle FlyDogs’ “FlyDog Graduate” you and your dog are passing our club dogs off leash safely, triggering the box safely, retrieving the ball, and running over all 8 hurdles on a successful release and recall. As a FlyDog Graduate, you and your dog have gained skills that can be carried into Agility, Rally, Tracking and other sports!

Joining the Club – All obedient and friendly flyball dogs and humans are invited to agree to our mission and values and to Be a FlyDogSo, bring your pup on by and check us out!


Our Seattle flyball lessons are indoors on Sundays from 4:30-5:30pm.
*Please note that only SuperDogs and Graduates that are assessed by us to be safe around all dogs are asked to practice with our club dogs. If you have a dog that is doing full runs, retrieving the ball, triggering the box, but needs more socialization skills, you may be referred to a dog obedience organization in parallel to your SuperDog training program. During SuperDog training you are guided for full participation with the club. That is our goal. So, it is essential to create a safe environment for everyone.