Our Graduates

Founders: Siena, Tiffany, Taben, Callie, Torey
Class of 2009: Benny
Class of 2010: Beebe, Max, Willow, Charly, Tac
Class of 2011:
Morgan, Kaiser A., Maddie S., Roxy, Lucy, Farrah, Kelso
Class of 2012:
Sammy, Bryant, Molly, Abbey, Oliver, Memphis, Olive, Ein, Mariah, Vaquita
Class of 2013: Doug, Maddie, Dot, Buckley, Leela B., Lucky, Tucker N., Lola
Class of 2014: Bali, Leela R., Barley, Romeo, Roy, Jessie
Class of 2015: Ragnar, Rigby, Odi, Sunny Bunny, Keva, Tucker D., Kaiser F.
Class of 2016: Harbor, Sang, Ricochet, Disa

Coming Soon: Eko, Lolly, Teo and more!

*Bold indicates active FlyDogs